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 Sinless Tan is Committed 
 to having Happy Clients!! 

We are honored to have you as clients.  If in the rare case you have any problem at all with your tan please contact us immediately. We want you to LOVE your tan!!

Sandra S. says: I would not consider going anywhere else for my spray tan. Charli is the best! Not only does she do a great job but she's always accommodating to my schedule.     11/25/15

Carrie P. says: Had my tan before a 5 day trip to Fl. Spent a good amount of time in the water and in bathing suits. It started to wear around the legs where my suits rubbed, but otherwise stayed on well even as much as I was in the water and work out. Very even and natural looking color.     10/26/15

Amy D. says: Charli is amazing!!!! Love ever tan I've ever had with her!!!  10/20/15

Courtney B. says: Charli was fantastic! Very professional and was able to answer any questions I had about the whole process! I was    in and out of there in no time and the spray looks great!    10/14/15

Aubrey R. says: Charlie was awesome! It was my first time to get a spray tan, and she was very professional and walked me through it. I would highly recommend her!  10/1/15

Valerie H. says: I did the 3 hour tan and in reality, I'm Casper's wife. Totally and pasty white! I was the mother-of-the-bride in a wedding Saturday and I got tons of compliments on my "tan". Thank you, Charli for taking good care of me. I'll be back someday! :)   9/21/15
Sheilah W. says: I've been using other tanning salons but Charli's tan took half the time, not at all messy (like staining my car seat and clothes) and not as "wet." Subtle, natural color, no spotting or streaking. I'll be back!   7/22/15

Shari Y. says: It was my first time to tan and it was great! I will be doing it again. Thanks Charli!   7/21/15

Jamie W. says: 10 years of amazing spray tans! Keep 'em coming Charli!  7/17/15

Judy S. says: I was very pleased with the results. No streaking and good natural looking color. I will definitely do this again!  6/28/15

Megan H. says: I've never done any kind of spray tan so I was very nervous and iffy that I would turn orange. Charli made me feel very comfortable, it went extremely fast and I love my beautiful tan. I will definitely be going back.   6/7/15

Hillary W. says: This was my first time to get a spray tan. Charli was very nice and professional, and took the time to make sure the tan was even after she sprayed. It looked very natural, and I got so many compliments on my tan. I have already scheduled my next tan, and plan on scheduling many more.   5/19/15

Karissa S. says: My first time using Charli...tan looks great! I did the 8 hour solution and slept in it. Looks very even and no streaking!  5/16/15

Dana E. says: I didn't know what to expect, with this being my first time. I had a great experience. My color was even with no streaking. Charli made me comfortable by answering my questions and reassuring me of certain details. I plan on making this a regular event.   5/9/15

Sara M. says: Charli acted professionally from start to finish. She took the time to make sure my tan was even and the color I wanted. I got the eight hour tan. I will definitely work with her again. She knows what she is doing!  4/16/15

Patti W. says: I was in & out quickly, great color, got the 3 hour tan, I felt TOTALLY comfortable and she was spot-on with the spray! Will definitely be back!!!  4/26/15

Madison K. says: Best spray tan, charli was awesome.  4/22/15

Jo P. says: The process was very quick and easy. I was very happy with the color as I am very fair skinned - natural looking and even! Charli was very friendly.  4/17/15

Sadie R. says: My color turned out nice. No streaking or spots. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.  3/7/15

This is the best and most natural looking spray tan and I have tried a number of them. I love the special attention you give as far as using a sponge to custom blend areas to make the tan look even better. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am also sensitive to smells and this product was fabulous. As a physician that treats sun damage and see's lots of skin cancers I am especially excited that people can get that summer glow without the sun and without the summer.
     Jennie Hunnewell  M.D.
"I used to hate summer because I just didn't want to tan anymore. I tried everything from tanning lotions to the spray-tan salons and nothing worked! They either made me look orange and completely unnatural or had a funny smell. But the worse part was that when the tan faded it looked horrible and blotchy. Then I found Jill and Sinless Tan and I'm addicted! The color is so natural, no smells and the best part is when it fades it actually fades like a real tan would! She has saved me and now I actually look forward to summer! Thanks Jill!"
    Andie Schwab, Edmond
In just a few minutes I received a BEAUTIFUL, safe tan in the privacy of my home!  I love it!  Very professional.  Very convenient. 
     Krista Bates

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